SL 6560 Overlaminate Film

September 18, 2023 by Maryna Bilanchuk


Flexible film designed for use as a protective overlaminate

Avery Dennison® SL 6560 Overlaminate Film is a premium quality, flexible film designed for use as a protective overlaminate film for digitally printed images where a sustainable PVC- free solution is required. SL 6560 offers exceptional high gloss, superior 3D conformability, and color durability. SL 6560 is providing an overall paint-like finish to printed graphics.

The film is supplied with a protective layer on in order to protect the face film. It is recommended to remove the protective layer after the lamination step and minimum 24hrs before the application to the final substrate.

Product Overview


Powerful colours. Fast Application. PVC-Free

Shift up to a more sustainable solution and a spectacular wrapping experience.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, the SP 1504 Easy Apply™ can be used for many applications, including customised designs for private vehicles and branded fleet wrapping.

Product Videos

SP 1504 Easy Apply™  

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