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February 27, 2023 by Amanda Lowe


Drytac can develop custom and unique solutions for customers working across a wide range of industries.

With such deep knowledge of the self-adhesive sector, Drytac is fully aware of the types of challenges companies working with these materials experience and how difficult it can be to find a solution.

Phil Webster, Head of Industrial Sales for EMEA at Drytac, explains how the manufacturer’s flexible approach to developing custom solutions for clients can help solve problems across a wide range of markets and industries.

“As the leading provider of self-adhesive materials to the large-format print and signage markets, Drytac has capabilities to coat hot melt, water- and solvent-based adhesives, which enables us to choose the best performing adhesive technology for an application. Most of our competitors don’t have this flexibility.

This focus on flexibility allows us to adapt our existing products in order to provide the best solution for customers. We can develop a new product for a specific application or reverse engineer existing products in the market; not just in print and signage, but further afield in many other industry areas.

We can assist with raw material selection and have a specialist laboratory where initial prototypes and production trials can be tested to ensure that they meet specified technical requirements. We also have extensive stocks of raw materials such as release liners, face films and adhesives, which can be utilised to develop new products.

I manage sales and new business development for opportunities outside of Drytac’s core graphics business. This allows me to work with clients outside of our main remit to provide solutions to sectors such as medical, security, packaging, electronics, construction and automotive, demonstrating our ability to develop and supply high-quality products for customers in all manner of markets.

Our coating capabilities and adhesive expertise enable us to manufacture products such as high-performance double-sided tapes, durable labels, medical transfer tapes, pharmaceutical labels and anti-slip protection films.

One recent, excellent example was when we were able to develop an anti-slip staircase protection film. This has been laminated to MDF staircases and provides a non-slip surface when the staircase is being installed in a new home. Another example was a pharmaceutical label that required an alcohol-resistant topcoat to ensure printed patient details were not removed during a cleaning process. To put it simply, no task is too big or complicated for Drytac.

Depending on the product type and raw material availability, Drytac can develop a custom material from as little as 5,000sq m, meaning we are very flexible in the type of project we can support our customers with. Add in that we have over 45 years of experience, and Drytac is the professional and confidential partner for your custom coating requirements.”

Amanda Lowe

Amanda Lowe

Amanda Lowe is the Global Marketing Director at Drytac, a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large-format print and signage markets. She has played a major role in the full re-branding of the business, including launching the popular Drytac Blog and Case Study program. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management from Virginia Tech.

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