Discover RI-JET PO100: Digital Printing with Reduced Environmental Impact

July 31, 2023 by Paola Cerchai


Environmental impact in self-adhesives is a challenge we face daily. Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives presents the new Ri-Jet PO100 range, for large format digital printing: the face material is a PVC-free polyolefin film. LCA data certifies that to produce one square metre of the Ri-Jet PO100 range consumes 2% less energy and 32.5% less water than a monomeric PVC film, releasing 15.5% less CO2 into the atmosphere.

Ri-jet PO100 is extremely versatile and is compatible with UV and Latex printing.

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Paola Cerchai

Paola Cerchai

Paola Cerchiai is the Business Development Manager at Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives. She has a passion for marketing and sales, and is keen to involve customers and prospects in projects to better understand their needs and translate them into new products.

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