Announcing the Fujifilm Acuity Prime Hybrid Launching Materials Program – ColorBase is proud to play a part!

April 3, 2024 by Kai Chaplin

acuity prime hybrid 1200 x 900

The Launching Materials Program - What Is It?

Fujifilm and ColorBase are collaborating on the Fujifilm Acuity Prime Hybrid Launching Materials Program, whereby ColorBase profiles a selection of premium print materials, enabling purchasers of the Acuity Prime Hybrid to hit the ground running. We are creating four profiles per material:

  • High Quality mode for ColorGate
  • Production mode for ColorGate
  • High Quality mode for Caldera
  • Production mode for Caldera

You are able to download these from ColorBase Profile Search and use them in conjunction with the launching materials on the Acuity Prime Hybrid. As a result, printers maximize color conformity for minimal effort. Using these profiles allows users to sidestep the trial and error, wasted material, wasted ink, and time normally spent on color management. Here at ColorBase we call that a 'plug-and-print' workflow.

The Acuity Prime Hybrid, from Fujifilm

The Acuity Prime Hybrid is a true Hybrid machine, which means there is no trade-off and none of the compromise that you would find in an older machine when switching between both rigid and roll media. Much like the entire Prime range, the Acuity Prime Hybrid offers its customers excellent return on investment, thanks to the full colour gamut provided by Fujifilm’s patented ink technology, maximum throughput achieved with the ability to print multiple boards, and sellable quality even in draft mode.

The Acuity Prime Hybrid can be configured with up to 7 channels, with CMYK as standard, and optional White, Clear and Primer, and produces stunning quality print, able to produce droplet sizes down to 7pL.  It handles flexible and rigid media up to 51 mm thick, and roll media up to 2m wide, and benefits from an ultra-reliable and long lasting air cooled LED UV curing system. It features a 4 zone vacuum system, and can produce print at speeds up to 141 m 2 /hr. The printer is suitable for an incredibly wide range of applications, but can also be configured with an optional primer. The Acuity Prime Hybrid also has a range of built-in safety features designed to maximise print uptime, which include anti-collision protection, with crash sensors deployed at both ends of the carriage, and an ioniser bar that reduces static on the media surface. Like the Acuity Prime, the printer also benefits from remote operation."

To see this printer in action, be sure to check out the upcoming industry shows. You can visit the Fujifilm booth #2809 at the ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando FL, April 10th through 12th, or if you're on the other side of the pond, check out Booth A02-1 in Hall 8B at DRUPA in Dusseldorf, May 28th to June 7th.




The Launching Materials - What Are They?

Launching Customers - Landscape

The Launching Materials consist of the following materials available from their respective manufacturers listed below.

Arlon - DPF 4600GLX

DPF 4600GLX is your go-to high performance calendered film providing you with an efficient and versatile solution. DPF 4600GLX can be used with or without an overlaminate while maintaining the perfect balance of body and conformability. The repositionable light gray adhesive allows for easy installation while ensuring enough opacity for covering existing graphics.

Contra Vision® - Campaign™ White on Black Perforated Window Film

Campaign™ White on Black is part of Contra Visions standard range of perforated films. A great value range, offering market leading qualities for short-term use. On window lifetime of up to 2 years, ideal for short-term applications such as seasonal point of purchase campaigns and retail promotions.

Drytac - ViziPrint Deco +

ViziPrint Deco + is designed to adhere permanently to virtually any smooth surface, including glass, plastic and metal. The scratch-resistant window film is ideal for high end architectural and building requirements as well as a wide variety of custom decorating applications.

Fedrigoni - Ri-Jet P75 White Gloss Perm Grey SB Airflow

Ri-Jet P75 White Gloss Perm Grey SB Airflow is a versatile self-adhesive film for Large Format Digital printing, ideal for both medium to long term indoor and outdoor applications on flat and slightly curved surfaces. The Airflow liner, is a micro-embossed PE coated kraft paper designed to facilitate smooth release during application, it enhances air egress, minimizing the risk of air bubbles.

Feiteng - Feiteng®️ Digital

Feiteng®️ Digital is a material specially developed for different kinds of printers, which has excellent compatibility. The product can ensure that under full printing, there will be high adhesive, high strength, smooth surface, easy processing, and no ink accumulation, no exposure, and good scratch. At the same time, the image effect and color fullness and brightness are guaranteed.

GPA - GPA 6 mil Matte White Removable Vinyl

GPA 6 mil Matte White Removable Vinyl is a versatile self-adhesive 5 year film for Large Format Digital Printing, ideal for both short and medium term indoor and outdoor applications on windows, walls and general flat surfaces with clean removability.

Kavalan - Kavalan Spiderweb 300

This product has the strength, performance, look, and feel of PVC mesh banner, with only half the weight. Spiderweb mesh banner delivers excellent 'show-through', as well as unrivalled vibrancy and image quality.

POLI-TAPE - POLI-PRINT 1001 White Gloss P

POLI-PRINT 1001 White Gloss P is a Polymeric PVC-Film (white gloss, 75 μ) laminated with a two-sided PE-coated silicone paper (145 g/m²) and equipped with a clear solvent acrylic adhesive (permanent). It is suitable for bonding various surfaces for example on commercial slabs, glass, metal or plastic, and is especially suitable for the use on smooth and slightly curved surfaces. POLI-PRINT 1001 White Gloss P is ideal for mid- to long term presentation of advertising panels.

Re-Board - Re-Board Premium

Re-board® Premium is a creative board to build 2D and 3D paper constructions. A smooth and strong top layer in virgin fibres ensure it stands up to crisp folding and demanding finishing. The print quality is the one of luxury goods packaging.

Kai Chaplin

Kai Chaplin

Kai Chaplin, the ColorBase Product Manager, is crazy for great product design, dynamic start-up environments, and building customer relationships that last. At ColorBase he strives to bring the best customer experience to the growing range of ColorBase SaaS tools that are redefining the printing process.

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