Re-board®: Making Sustainable Event and Exhibition Constructions

August 14, 2023 by Einar Ek


For those seeking environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional materials like MDF/plywood, foams, and plastics in event and exhibition constructions, Re-board® offers an ideal solution. 

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The Make Haus Agency, along with Re-board® producer Next Printing, provides insights into sustainable design, production, installation, and recycling processes. Their collaborative efforts showcase the feasibility and effectiveness of Re-board® in creating eco-conscious event and exhibition structures. For a detailed understanding of these processes, a video produced by Next Printing is available for viewing.

Re-board® stands as a testament to the potential of sustainable materials in revolutionizing various industries. While it may be difficult to find materials that are entirely environmentally friendly, Re-board® offers a tangible solution by minimizing the environmental impact of construction materials. By sourcing materials from renewable forests, providing LCA reports, and emphasizing predictability and reusability, Re-board® strives to strike the perfect balance between strength and low weight.

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Re-board® presents a breakthrough in sustainable construction materials. Developed with a deep concern for the environment, this patented paper-board offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional honeycomb structures. With its origins in the Nordic Forest, Re-board® demonstrates a commitment to minimizing environmental impact through recyclability and transparent reporting. The unique structure of Re-board® ensures predictability in production and usability while promoting a circular economy through reusability. 

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As event organizers and producers increasingly seek sustainable options, Re-board® emerges as a reliable choice for constructing environmentally friendly structures. By incorporating Re-board® into their designs, industries can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

If you like to learn more, please visit Re-board® technical Q&A:

Einar Ek

Einar Ek

Einar Ek is the Director of Business Development at Re-board®, a leading manufacturer of innovative and sustainable rigid paperboards. Hailing from Sweden, Einar collaborates with global print partners and distributors to provide impactful design solutions for display advertising, point-of-sale marketing, exhibitions, and fairs.

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