Storro – The Best File Sharing Platform for the Printing Industry

April 17, 2023 by Friso Stoffer

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Whether you’re working with countless small files or extremely large single items, Storro makes it easy for you and your clients to share and receive files from anywhere in the world.

Storro is a cloud-based file sharing platform, designed and developed for high grade security and performance. Storro gives secure access to all your files via the browser, or via a local Storro Drive. Regardless of the file format, content type or size. Using Storro you especially benefit from:

High upload and synchronization speed

Storro is designed for performance in uploading and synchronizing large design and graphic files. Superior performance is achieved by dividing every file into small data chunks that can be edited and synchronized independently. As a result only the changes in files (the changed data chunks) need to be synchronized and not the entire file. This way Storro offers superior speeds in synchronization in case of a print job resubmission or when collaborating with clients.

In addition Storro offers superior file editing performance by performing all operations locally and syncing in the background with the cloud, colleagues or partners.


Easily receive and share files

When you want to receive files from your customers, you can easily create a secure upload link. This gives others the opportunity to upload files to you, regardless of file size. You will receive an email notification when an upload has been received. Storro lets you automatically store every received file in the specified client folder. This way you never lose track of historically received print jobs.

In case you want to share files with customers, you can easily create a secure download link for a file or folder within Storro, or set-up a secure collaboration environment for multiple users.

Using Storro you can customize your upload and download page with your printing company logo and colors to make it match your own branding. In addition, you remain in control of every upload/download link created. You can revoke links at any time or enforce additional security policies such as upload/download limits, expiration dates and password protection.

True privacy


With Storro all your files are end-to-end encrypted. This means all files are encrypted and decrypted locally in the browser (or Storro Drive). Only the person sending you files or with whom you have shared files has access to unencrypted content and no one else (not even Storro Inc., or any other IT service provider).


Storro allows you to work locally on your digital media files, with instant backup, ransomware protection, document recovery, revision management, and document audit trails for every file. Try Storro as well. Start a 30-day free trial on

Friso Stoffer

Friso Stoffer

Friso Stoffer, a Netherlands-based serial entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder and Business Developer at Storro BV. Storro is the award-winning solution for storing files and collaborating in the cloud. Stoffer’s tool provides exceptional security and encryption while also offering superior performance in synchronization and file editing, all of which makes it ideal for the pre-press work in the Signage and Graphics Industry.

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