ColorBase Announces Participation in Color Quality Conference ’24

January 22, 2024 by Kai Chaplin


Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands - 22 January, 2024

ColorBase is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Color Quality Conference '24 in Tampa, Florida. Our Product Manager Kai Chaplin will be representing ColorBase at the event, hosted and organized by ChromaChecker.

The Color Quality Conference, known for its unique blend of hands-on training and advanced software insights, is the go-to event for print operators seeking to enhance their color management and quality control processes. This year's conference, scheduled for January 30th, 31st, and February 1st, promises an enriching experience for attendees featuring hands-on workshops, 'Train the Trainer' programs, and certification courses.

Kai Chaplin will be hosting an 'Inspiration Session' at the conference, delving into the exciting potential of a collaboration between ChromaChecker and ColorBase. This session will focus on how leveraging data can revolutionize the future of color management, quality control, and procurement in the print industry. 

Attendees will leave the conference equipped not only with practical training in calibration, profiling, and stabilizing the printing process but also with the software and curriculum necessary to implement a comprehensive color management platform in their own organizations.

For more information about the Color Quality Conference '24, please visit the event website. Availability is limited so we encourage you to register as soon as possible, and we look forward to seeing you there.


ColorBase (formerly Color Concepts) is the digital foundation of the smart printing industry. Its proprietary database ‘ColorBase’ and suite of software tools are redefining the printing process by enabling unparalleled sharing of information between industry partners and significantly reducing wasted materials, inks, and other print inputs - creating value for both sellers and buyers of printed materials everywhere.

Kai Chaplin

Kai Chaplin

Kai Chaplin, the ColorBase Product Manager, is crazy for great product design, dynamic start-up environments, and building customer relationships that last. At ColorBase he strives to bring the best customer experience to the growing range of ColorBase SaaS tools that are redefining the printing process.