Supercharged Sales.

Painless Procurement.

Global Reach.

The intelligent, cloud-based procurement platform that enables the seamless exchange of print materials through a single channel.


On ColorBase Exchange, everybody wins. 

Seamless Selling

Effortless Buying

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Sell through a single channel

ColorBase Exchange gives sellers access to a vetted pool of buyers, and acts as the sole merchant of record on all purchases.

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The world
with a click

Sell your products in new regions, countries, and markets - all with a single click. You can sell anywhere there are buyers on the platform.

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Data-driven product search

Thanks to the structured data model at the core of everything ColorBase, buyers can search for new or substitute products via any relavant data point.

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Zero effort,
zero risk

ColorBase Exchange is automating the full procurement process and makes sure you have the right material, on time, to start production.

Here's how ColorBase Exchange

revolutionizes procurement:


 Matching Supply and Demand

ColorBase Exchange connects printing material manufacturers to a network of trusted resellers and provides tools for accurately gauging demand, reducing excess production and optimizing working capital utilization. Resellers using ColorBase Exchange gain access to thousands of certified printing materials that can be bought with a single click. This saves costs on sales, procurement, marketing, and administration across the board – a true win-win.

Integrate and streamline

ColorBase Exchange streamlines the way manufacturers interact with customers, new and old alike. ColorBase Exchange honors all existing relationships and personalized discounts and integrates with your existing ERP systems while providing access to all structured data in ColorBase.


Simplicity Through Structure

ColorBase Exchange simplifies communication between companies, IT systems and e-commerce solutions across the supply chain through standardized and structured data. Detailed material information, structured and standardized performance information of materials in combination with thousands of combinations of printers and inks. Resellers are able to get insights into the manufacturer’s production runs and allow manufacturers to accurately measure demand. Adopting new materials will be much faster by getting access to all relevant data and creating price lists, technical specification sheets and logistical information.

We're working hard to make

ColorBase Exchange a reality.

Send us an email to mark your interest, and we'll keep you posted! 

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