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Modernize your internal testing

A single, powerful solution that launches your testing activities into the 21st century.

Modern Internal Testing

Our market research shows that nearly everyone in the industy uses multiple software platforms to coordinate their test work, perform their tests, and analyze the results  - and none of them are optimal.

Leave spreadsheets to the accountants

Spreadsheets are excellent for financial models and checklists, but not for technical product testing. They are slow, fragile, and everyone designs them slightly differently - meaning testing data is rarely compatible across teams, or across time.

Leverage the data already in the ColorBase ecosystem

ColorBase Labs allows users to draw material and printer data out of the extensive ColorBase database at the core of all of our software products, saving your team years of data entry and research.

Minimize human error

Our Test Suite system allows test engineers to implement extensive data validation so that the data recorded is as error free as possible.

Additionally, ColorBase Labs enables test engineers to upload testing documentation directly to the testing platform, helping ensure that testing procedures are uniform across teams and organizations.

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