Turn Your Test Results into Data-Driven Business Decisions

Our new cloud-based application digitizes your business processes and testing workflows, allowing you to analyze the data and collaborate with partners like never before.


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“We believe that a uniform testing protocol will benefit the entire industry, especially when the results and related data is stored in a structured format and made available through the ColorBase ecosystem.”

- Marco Roos, ColorBase CEO

“The launch of ColorBase Labs marks the next phase of intelligent supply chains, and connected, collaborative industries. We are calling it Print Industry 4.0.”

- Kai Chaplin, Product Manager: ColorBase Labs

ColorBase Labs is redefining data collection

Built for printer manufacturers, material manufacturs, distributors, and large print shops looking to:


Maximize customer uptime

When materials and printers are tested well, print jobs work as expected. In this volume game, winning is only possible when printers are at maximum capacity.


Simplify support activities

Good testing data is your "single source of truth" that simplifies troubleshooting, protecting you from returns and liability.


Design better products

When materials, printers, and printed products are thoroughly tested during R&D for the most desired features and industry standards, you achieve far better product design.


Save time and money

Good testing data is searchable, structured, and shareable - because if it isn't, someone is going to waste time redoing it.

It's easy to learn, and powerful to use


Build digital ‘test suites’ and streamline testing workflows.

Use our pre-built test suites - or design your own - to standardize your organization’s testing procedures. Our flexible form builder includes data validation and file attachment features that minimize human error.

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Perform your test suites and generate structured data.

Share your test suites internally with your team, or externally with your partners, and collect all test results in one centralized location in powerful structured formats.

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Unlock valuable insights with interactive dashboards.

Filter and export your data to generate your own insights or use the integrated business intelligence dashboards to ensure improved R&D, go-to-market, or procurement.

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Here's how ColorBase Labs can help:

Use Case

Our market research shows that nearly everyone in the industry uses multiple software platforms to coordinate the test work, perform their tests, and analyze the results  - and none of them are optimal.

ColorBase Labs is a single, powerful solution that allows you to bring your testing activities into the 21st century.

Use Case

By digitizing certification standards into shareable ColorBase Labs test suites, standards organizations can decentralize their certification work. These test suites can be shared with manufacturing organizations as needed, where they can be performed by those closest to the products. Test data can then be received and reviewed by standards organizations in real time.

To validate the results, the manufacturer organizations can mail the tested products to the standards organizations who can then verify that the results in ColorBase Labs are correct.

Use Case

Our market research shows that many distributors in the market are relying on costly independent testing organizations to ensure that manufacturers are meeting quality requirements. Far too often, these testing organizations don't complete testing before the manufacturer ships the product to the distributor, making recalls costly, slow, and painful.

By implementing ColorBase Labs into the workflow, distributors can enable manufacturers to generate and communicate quality control data themselves. Distributors can digitize their quality control requirements into a ColorBase Labs test suite, which when performed by the manufacturer, is instantly relayed to the distributor.

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