Brother and ColorBase are launching profiles for the Brother WF1-L640 – we are proud to collaborate!

June 13, 2024 by Kai Chaplin

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The Launching Profiles Program - What Is It?

Brother and ColorBase are introducing the WF1-L640 Launching Profiles Program, so that users of Brother's newest wide format printer have immediate access to high quality printer profiles, drastically streamlining color managment. ColorBase has profiled a selection 48 premium print materials across two print modes, for a total of 96 different printer profiles. Read on below for the full list of materials profiled.

You are able to download these from ColorBase Profile Search and use them in jobs on the Brother WF1-L640. As a result, printers maximize color conformity for minimal effort. Using these profiles allows users to sidestep the trial and error, wasted material, wasted ink, and time normally spent on color management. Here at ColorBase we call that a 'plug-and-print' workflow.

To quote Heiner Rupperath, Director of Director Industrial Printing Business at Brother:

"We are delighted to have successfully extended our long-standing expertise in industrial printing to a new market. Our WF1-L640 printer, equipped with Brother printheads and Brother inks, is highly appreciated by our customers and thanks to the ICC profiles now available via Colorbase, our customers can easily and quickly produce a broad variety of different products.

This, in combination with Brother's high service standards and the high quality of our products, this proves once again that we are always at your side."

The Brother WF1-L640

In 2023, Brother updated its corporate strategy in order to focus efforts on the industrial product segment. Subsequently, they have made their first step into the latex large format market segment with the launch of the Brother WF1-L640.

In the meantime, here's just a selection of the listed features:

  • A wide color gamut which can reach a resolution of up to 1200dpi
  • Three variable droplet sizes down to 5 picoliters, leaving plenty of room for a wide palette of colors and color depth
  • A 7 inch touch screen allows easy and fast handling even in the most stressful situations
  • An included RIP software enables users to start printing in no time

For detailed information on the printer, check out the WF1-L640 landing page.

The Launching Materials - What Are They?

ColorBase and Brother collaborated with a wide selection of material manufacturers to ensure that profiles for a broad array of material types and applications are available. Here's what some of our material manufacturer partners had to say about the initiative:


John Coyne, Sales Manager at Lintec of America:

"We rely on ColorBase's excellent profiling service to ensure that our media are always ready to be used on the newest and most popular large format printers on the market. This means that our end users can confidently buy Lintec media knowing they have access to high quality printer profiles that they can immediately use in their workflow - this saves them the time, ink and media they would otherwise spend developing the profiles themselves. Having the Lintec's E-3000ZC and PRSO101S already profiled on the Brother WF1-L640 is just the next step in this 'customer first' approach - thank you ColorBase and Brother!"


Paola Cerchiai, Business Development Manager at Fedrigoni Self Adhesives:

We are thrilled with the testing and profiling results of our Ri-Jet PO 100 self-adhesive material, our PVC-free polyolefin film, on the new Brother WF1-L640 Latex printer. The profiles created by ColorBase have significantly enhanced our product's performance. This collaboration underscores our commitment to saving time and driving excellent results for all printers using our adhesive solutions for large format printing with this type of printer.

The Ri-Jet PO100 is a responsible choice, extremely versatile and compatible with UV, eco-solvent, and Latex digital printing technologies. LCA data certify that producing one square meter of the Ri-Jet PO100 range consumes 2% less energy and 32.5% less water than a monomeric PVC film while releasing 15.5% less CO2 into the atmosphere. These materials are particularly suitable for point-of-sale, window, and panel decoration for all temporary advertising and communication activities requiring application on flat surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, such as retail outlets, railway stations, or airport terminals.


Marcella Botelho, Global Industry Vertical Manager Tyvek® Graphics & Industrial Packaging at DuPont:

We are delighted to announce that Brother Printing has collaborated with ColorBase to bring you the Tyvek® profile, now available for the Brother WF1-L640 large format printer. You can now take advantage of Tyvek’s incredible strength and durability for your indoor and outdoor banner needs, as well as large photo printing, shop window displays, wallpapers, and other design applications. Get ready to take your printing to the next level with Tyvek®!

The complete list of materials profiled as part of this initiative are available here:

  • Ahlstrom Wallstar Digital Fibrous 147
  • Arlon Series 3510G
  • ATP GP-412 WG G
  • ATP GP-412 wm
  • Avery MPI 1105
  • Avery MPI 2000
  • Avery MPI 3000
  • Avery MPI 3020
  • Avery SP 1504 EA
  • Avery SP 3523
  • Berger be.tex® Lumina Evolution
  • Berger be.tex® Samba EVO
  • ContraVision Campaign
  • DuPont Tyvek 1058D
  • Eckertex Textiles, LLC - 901SGSJ Artisan Semi-Gloss Canvas
  • Fedrigoni Ri-Jet PO100 White Satin Rem
  • Georg+Otto Friedrich GmbH Midnight Soft
  • Georg+Otto Friedrich NLUXX
  • GM Media Backlit 1100-180
  • Guandong Cotton Canvas Super White Gloss
  • Heytex Ecotext Frontlit
  • Innova Art Eco Solvent Poster Art Paper 210gsm
  • Intercoat 1441-H14-P3
  • Kavalan Spiderweb 300 L!ner
  • Kernow KernowJet Interiors Bright Gold
  • Lintec E-2104ZC
  • Lintec E3000ZC
  • Lintec PRSO101S
  • Mactac WW Canvas
  • Metamark MDT Translucent Film
  • Neschen Easy Dot PET Matt L-UV
  • Neschen Coating GmbH Solvoprint easy dot matt
  • Orafol Orajet 3951GRA+
  • Orafol Orajet 3971GRA+
  • Orafol Orajet® 3174XM
  • PhotoTex / Landor UK Phototex WB Opaque
  • Poli Tape Turbo Print 4046 Non Adhesive
  • Pongs Nessel 4x16 Baumwolle
  • Pongs Standardnessel BW
  • Sentec Desardi Tex Linen 360g
  • Sentec International Zenith Photo Matt 180g
  • Serge Ferrari Seemee Loop Frontlit Light
  • Sihl 3686 TriSolv Premium Paper 200 Semi-Gloss
  • Sihl 3687 TriSolv Billboard Paper Plus 130 Satin
  • Sihl 2517 Non-Woven Design2Wall FR 210 Satin
  • Spandex / Eikon ImagePerfect 2915 Silverback
  • Sprinter BannerSprint FrontCoat 450gr M1
  • Sprinter BannerSprint FrontLam BlackBack 375gr M1
  • Starflex SFF 15 SWP
  • Taya Canvas Kavalan Sunlight Weldable
  • Yupo Europe GmbH BLRG 150
  • Yupo Europe GmbH FPU 250
  • Yupo Europe GmbH YUPOTako XAD1082

Download them at ColorBase Profile Search today!

Let us know your thoughts!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this initiative and how the Brother WF1-L640 and its Launching Profiles Program will fit into your workflow. If you could please give us some insight using the very brief questionaire below, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Brother Blast Poll
Does your printing organization own or use a Brother WF1-L640?
Does your printing organization regularly use any of the above listed materials in your print jobs?
Which of the materials from the above list do you use, or intend to use, regularly in your print jobs?
How does the availability of free, high quality profiles for a material affect the likelihood that you will purchase a material you have not used before?
How does the availability of free, high quality profiles for a printer affect the likelihood that you will purchase a printer you have not used before?
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Kai Chaplin

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