ColorBase Launches ColorBase Labs, a Cloud-Based Application that Enables Organizations to Collect and Analyze Testing Data Like Never Before

March 28, 2023 by KaiC

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Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands, 28 March, 2023 – ColorBase, formerly Color Concepts, has announced the launch of its latest cloud-based software application, ColorBase Labs.

ColorBase Labs is a data-structuring and collaboration tool that provides significant productivity boosts to not only the engineers and technicians performing testing work, but also to the managers and team leaders analyzing the results for insights. The software enables users to design their own tests and digitize their testing procedures in an intuitive interface, creating what ColorBase calls ‘test suites’. When performed, these test suites help coordinate and streamline testing procedures across teams and organizations, and capture the test result data in a powerful, flexible structure. This data structure maximizes compatibility with advanced reporting features, allowing managers and team leaders to analyze testing efforts and gain insight from the data in real time.

However, this is just the beginning - ColorBase believes this software has the potential to drastically increase the ‘intelligence’ of industry’s supply chain. “We believe that a uniform testing protocol will benefit the entire industry, especially when the results and related data is stored in a structured format and made available through the ColorBase ecosystem.” Marco Roos, ColorBase CEO, says, “It will help populate e-commerce websites, dynamically create technical documentation, and in the end help buyers of print material pick the right material for their applications.”

The ColorBase Labs launch event was held on February 24th, hosted online at, and registrants from all over the world tuned in to watch together. A video recording of the launch can be found, along with many more details on the product, at, including examples of specific use cases for the software, such as decentralized industry certification programs, radically streamlined quality control, and modernized internal testing.

This launch marks the next step in the company’s mission to build the digital foundation of the smart printing industry. “I believe we are witnessing the next phase of intelligent supply chains, and connected, collaborative industries,” says Kai Chaplin, ColorBase Labs Product Manager. “We are calling it Print Industry 4.0.”

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ColorBase (formerly Color Concepts) is the digital foundation of the smart printing industry. Its proprietary database ‘ColorBase’ and suite of software tools are redefining the printing process by enabling unparalleled sharing of information between industry partners and significantly reducing wasted materials, inks, and other print inputs - creating value for both sellers and buyers of printed materials everywhere.



Kai Chaplin, the ColorBase Product Manager, is crazy for great product design, dynamic start-up environments, and building customer relationships that last. At ColorBase he strives to bring the best customer experience to the growing range of ColorBase SaaS tools that are redefining the printing process.