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High quality profiles make your products easier to use and sell

The profiles we create for your print products achieve color accuracy and optimal print settings, ensuring that the print shops using your products experience consistent print quality with minimum trial and error and material/ink waste. Elevate your go-to-market activities and see how our quality profiles contribute to a seamless and improved printshop experience with your products.
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Eliminate trial and error for your customers

Finding the correct settings for printer materials is not only time consuming, difficult and expensive, it also decreases your customers' productivity and the overall solution you are able to provide to them.  A high quality printer profile will makes your material 'plug-and-print', meaning your customers will get a more accurate, more consistent print result with less trial and error, less wasted material, and less wasted ink.

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Sell more easily

Having profiles available for the most common printer and media combinations, will help you sell more material more easily. Your sales force will feel safer and more confident when knowing that the material works, has been profiled, and that those profiles can be shared easily with your customers.

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Simplify support and complaint handling

Not only is it easier to speak to customers about your printing materials when they have been profiled, it is also easier to support it. When customers are having issues with your media, you know one thing for sure: it should work, since it has been profiled and tested by us. Finding the cause for issues becomes a lot easier this way and will raise your standards and your customers’ satisfaction level!

Profile Download Analytics

Get insight into the who, where and how of YOUR end users

ColorBase Insights is an important new tool that allows you to understand who and where your end users are - and how they print - better than every before. All the profiles we create for your print products are publicly available for download via ColorBase Profile Search. ColorBase Insights gives you to full access to your profile download metadata, allowing you to see who is using your materials, where, and with what kind of print workflow. Where else can you get this information?

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