Rolling With It: How the Stock and Roll is Changing How We Work

April 23, 2024 by Kara Noble

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The Challenge

In recent months, the ColorBase Expert Center has been  busier than ever. This time of year is always a crunch - as our material manufacturer clients get ready to launch their new products at trade shows like FESPA, ISA, and this year’s DRUPA, we are typically swamped from February till the end of Spring. While this year has been no exception,  we have recently stumbled across a new product that is helping us stay more organized and efficient: the Stock and Roll storage system. We’re becoming such big fans of this product that we decided to feature it here on the ColorBase Blog and ‘review’ it. Spoiler alert: it’s positive. 

Our Expert Center is constantly bustling with HP Latex Certifications, profiling, and material testing - each one of these activities requires 10 to 50 meters of print material each, so needless to say we are constantly taking delivery of rolls and rolls (and more rolls!) of material every week. With pallets arriving regularly, our lab often becomes cluttered with rolls, making it challenging to navigate and work efficiently. The accumulation of rolls creates a daunting task of moving them around our workspace, resulting in strain on our backs.

The Solution

Enter the Stock and Roll. This compact storage system accommodates up to 6 rolls in a minimal space, yet still allows for easy maneuverability. The wheels glide smoothly on any surface, including carpet, making transportation smooth. We've tested it extensively, rolling it over bumps and around corners without any issues or risk of tipping over.

Stock & Roll is based in France and in 2014 they took on the challenge to improve the printing industry with their storage solutions. They recognized a problem and found an affordable solution, significantly improving our workspace organization and productivity. Not to mention saving our backs - literally!

Assembly of the Stock and Roll was effortless, taking us just around 10 minutes to put together. The build quality is impressive, with each component feeling sturdy and well-made. Once assembled, the low center of gravity ensures seamless movement, even when fully loaded with rolls. Adjusting the sliders to hold the rolls in place is simple, and once secured, the rolls stay put without any movement.

The documentation provided is comprehensive, with clear instructions for assembly and use. Additionally, the company's website offers valuable resources, including instructional videos, ensuring that everything you need to know about the product is readily available.

As a side note, this review is not sponsored or endorsed. We chose this product because we were struggling with moving many rolls in an increasingly busy print lab, and now having spent time with the Stock and Roll, we can’t imagine ever going back. Our hope is that if you have not yet heard of the Stock and Roll, that it is something you will consider as a worthwhile addition to your print shop, show room, or wherever your print media piles up. 

The Stock and Roll saves us time by reducing the back-and-forth trips to retrieve rolls, while also minimizing physical strain by making roll transportation effortless. With options available to accommodate various roll sizes and weights, it's a versatile solution that adapts to our changing needs.


- Streamlined organization

- Effortless usability

- Time and energy-savings

- Versatile options for different roll sizes and weights


- Cost. At €570.00, the Stock and Roll is not exactly in the same price range as a standard dolly or hand truck. That said, there are other basic red steel or wooden storage systems which are cheaper, but in our opinion, the Stock and Roll is worth every penny. 

Long Story Short…

After using the Stock and Roll for several weeks, we can confidently say that it has exceeded our expectations. It has simplified our workflow, saved us time and energy, and optimized our workspace. In our opinion, the Stock and Roll is an indispensable addition to any print shop or workspace dealing with rolls and printers. We highly encourage you to experience the difference for yourself and invest in greater efficiency and organization with the Stock and Roll

Kara Noble

Kara Noble

Kara Noble, Manager at the ColorBase Expert Center, brings a vibrant blend of creativity and leadership from sunny California to the innovative environment of the Netherlands. With over three years at ColorBase, she excels in optimizing the client experience and spearheading expert solutions in the printing industry. At the helm of the Expert Center, Kara is dedicated to enhancing support and expanding knowledge to ensure that ColorBase remains at the forefront of printing excellence.

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