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What We Do

For over 20 years, The ColorBase Expert Center (previously known as Color Concepts) has provided innovative solutions to support printers and print products throughout their entire lifecycle. From the HP Latex Certification program to color profiling and print material testing, we have built a reputation for expertise and innovation. All of these activities generated data for our eponymous database - ColorBase - which maps how different printers and materials interact to produce color, providing invaluable information to the industry.

We saw the potential of this data and realized that it, and the services it enables, are the future of not only our company but our entire industry. Diving headfirst into this new direction, we've put the data and digital products at the forefront of our identity. However, as always, our foundational services still provide huge value as standalone services. For more information, explore the links below.

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Our Services

Developed alongside HP for their Latex seriex printers, this certification will ensure that your material is printed with the perfect settings to provide the best quality and that 'plug-and-print' experience. Moreover, the program creates unbiased evidence your material performs according to the highest standards.

Color Profiling

The profiles we create for your print products achieve color accuracy and optimal print settings, ensuring that the print shops using your products experience consistent print quality with minimum trial and error and material/ink waste. Elevate your go-to-market activities and see how our quality profiles contribute to a seamless and improved printshop experience with your products.

Our Material Testing prove whether your products are performing as desired. With our fully equipped testing labs with the latest printers, we are uniquely able to provide valuable information on whether your material will meet your customers' expectations. Each of our four testing packages provide you with a variety of testing options so together we can build the testing regimen best suited to your needs.

Barbieri Electronic is an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent color measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing. ColorBase is the official distributor and service center for Barbieri Electronic devices in North America.

Onsite Consultancy

For bespoke color management solutions, you can request an onsite visit from our Expert Center technicians. Our experienced team members are highly trained and experienced in the field of color management, printer and material profiling, and customer communications. They can help you solve a problem you're having with a particular print job, or improve your overall workflow achieving higher throughput, reduced ink costs, more accurate color and more consistent print quality.

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