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Sales, calibration, repair - we do it all!

Barbieri Electronic is an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent color measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing. Among their award-wining portfolio of spectrophotometers, The Barbieri LFP qb Textile Edition is "the Rolls Royce" - there is no higher quality device in large format, flatbed or industrial printing. Our Baribieri services include:

North American Sales & Distribution

Named the 2023 Barbieri Partner of the Year, ColorBase is the official distributor for Barbieri Electronic devices in North America and the largest distributor in the world. If your print business requires accurate measurements for color management, profiling, quality control, or just simply refuses to compromise on quality, then you need a Barbieri device.


Device Recalibration

Service includes firmware updates, replacement of reference white tile, thorough system functionality check and calibration of your Barbieri device to restore it to original factory standards. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued to you. Any additional parts required to restore the device to calibration standards will be billed additionally, on a time and parts basis. Recalibration is strongly recommended every 18 months to ensure optimum operation and longevity of the device.



Troubleshooting, repair and replacement of parts in order to restore the device to operation. Costs are billed on a time and parts basis. Estimates of service costs will be provided prior to initiation of repair.

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ColorBase North America

 All device recalibrations and repairs take place at our North American Address:

ColorBase North America
150 North Wright Brothers Drive Suite 540
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
United States

Phone: +1 801 975 2602

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