4 Reasons to Upgrade to the Barbieri LFP qb Textile Edition

This post features sponsored content.  Digital printing on textiles is one of the industry’s fastest growing market sectors, and according to Grand View Research, is set to roughly triple in size by 2030. However, performing color measurement readings on printed textile materials is significantly more complicated than on banner media or your typical self adhesive…

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Print Sample TV with Pat McGrew

Konica Minolta printed sample embellished

Konica Minolta and MGI are well-known equipment manufacturers in the printing industry. In this Print Sample TV episode with Pat McGrew, she will show great applications from the two. Pat recently had the privilege of visiting the Konica Minolta Customer Education Center, Customer Experience Center in Japan. and got the chance to get up close…

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6 Ways You Can Be More Sustainable in Print

Climate change is having a serious impact on the planet and requires not only our immediate focus, but meaningful action to avoid doing irreversible and catastrophic damage to the environment. Human activity is responsible for almost all of the increases in greenhouse gas (GHG) we have seen in the last 150 years. GHG traps heat…

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Can you coat it? Yes, Drytac can!

Selecting the right adhesive is critical for the success of many different types of applications and projects. Simply put, if you do not get this choice right, you risk the hard work you put in to creating the application, and potentially put the entire job and installation in jeopardy. In my role at Drytac, it…

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Rendering Intents – A Deep Dive

Rendering intents - a deep dive

Anyone who has printed a picture knows that what you see on your computer or cellphone screen almost always looks very different in the final print. With family photo, we often shrug our shoulders and accept this as inevitable – after all, the moment the picture captures is often more important than what it looks…

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The magic of YUPO

Founded in 1969 as a joint venture between Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Oji Paper Co. Ltd, YUPO is a manufacturer of synthetic papers based on microporous synthetic polymers that combine superior functionality with unique aesthetics in an unparalleled way. What is Synthetic material? Synthetic materials are neither natural papers nor normal plastic films. Even better,…

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