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Welcome to ColorBase.

We are leveraging 20 years of material testing, printer profiling, and data collection to build an ecosystem of intelligent software tools that enables a smarter printing industry

ColorBase software revolutionizes the way our partners collaborate and test their print products, list and source print materials, and manage color during printing.

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The collaborative testing platform that is  digitizing test workflows and supercharging insights.


The intelligent, cloud-based marketplace that enables the seamless exchange of print materials through a single channel.

The go-to desitination for the modern printshop, home of the best color management tools on the web.


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THe Newsroom

ColorBase GM Brend Kouwenhoven aims to Reduce the $90 Billion of Waste in Print

By Jack Gocher | 2023-02-04 10:17

Brend Kouwenhoven, the new general manager of ColorBase, has joined the company to oversee the transformation and rebranding of the business into a fully digitised and democratised resource. He and the company are on an exciting mission to reduce the massive cost of printed waste on the industry and our planet. He and the company…

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Color Concepts Announces Rebrand to ColorBase

By Kai Chaplin | 2023-02-04 06:39

Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands, 6th February, 2023 – Effective immediately, Color Concepts B.V., is changing its name to ColorBase. This change reflects the company’s focus on reducing waste in the printing industry by connecting players through intelligent platforms that enable smarter collaboration, material sourcing, and color management solutions. Those familiar with Color Concepts…

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“Color Concepts was the answer!” Fedrigoni’s Paola Cerichai elaborates on their strategic collaboration with Color Concepts in new interview

By Kai Chaplin | 2022-05-19 10:32

“Color Concepts was the answer!” explains Paola Cerchiai, in a recent interview with Jack Gocher of Eye On Display. Cerchiai, Business Development Manager at Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, met with Gocher to discuss Fedrigoni’s new strategic collaboration with Color Concepts and how it is helping the organization become one of the major players in the graphic arts industry. Fedrigoni…

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ColorBase is a software company - we’re building the next generation of SaaS tools that will redefine the entire lifecycle of printed products.

At our core, however, is Color Concepts - the color management gurus, certification wizards, and testing experts of the Large Format Print Industry.